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Relive the Recent Past From the Comfort of Google Maps

There are plenty of places on ye olde Internet to find photos of New York City in the distant past. But what about the past that's recent-ish but still long enough ago to include demolitions of some beloved buildings? Walking Off the Big Apple has a thought: use Google Street View, in case "what's lost today may still exist in the virtual reality of Google's cameras." Above, the images Walking Off dug up of Houston's DKNY mural, 35 Cooper Square, Village Paper, and Brooklyn Bridge Park. Inspired, we took a look through Street View for a few more.
Google's Street View cam recorded two different views of the Houston Street mural wall from the north and south sides of the street. First, the pre-Haring makeover version of the Houston and Bowery wall, then the Haring recreation. (For those nostalgic for its whitewashing, we've got photographic evidence of that, too.)

On Albany Street, the shrouded Deutsche Bank building on the left, pre-W Hotel:

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