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Prospect Heights Condo Boom Swallowing Up Crown Heights

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After successfully wiping half of Bushwick off the map?it's now East Williamsburg, thankyouverymuch?real estate brokers and developers have taken aim at another gritty Brooklyn neighborhood: Crown Heights. The eastern creep of Prospect Heights into traditional Crown Heights turf will come as no surprise to anyone who's responded to a "Prospect Heights" Craigslist apartment listing in the past few years with an actual visit to the building, but today none other than the Wall Street Journal shines a light on this border war:

Now, the attack of the fish-tank condos is pushing the boundary of Prospect Heights eastward into Crown Heights, an in-between neighborhood that realtors and developers have dubbed ProCro. The result is a mingling of million-dollar condos and sleek wine bars with creaky, rent-controlled buildings and graffiti-pocked bodegas. According to the paper and its sources, race riots are a thing of the past, and yuppies are the future. So where does actual Crown Heights begin these days? Given what's being passed off as ProCro by brokers, if you hit the Nassau Coliseum you're just about there.
· Prospect Heights Edges Into Crown Heights [WSJ]