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Heather Mills's Exes Now Include a Beatle and a Starchitect

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Celebrities come, celebrities go?such is life in Meierville. Jim Carrey is in at 176 Perry Street, renting Hugh Jackman's old place in one of Richard Meier's glassy West Village triplets, but he won't have Heather Mills's red sofas to stare at. Mills, now famous for so many things (we'll pick the Paul McCartney marriage and the Dancing with the Stars appearance), has found a buyer for her 2BR/2BA condo at 173 Perry Street, which she listed a few months ago for $5.3 million. She paid $4.9 million for the 1,800sqft apartment and has been renting it out, and both New York and the Post report that the deal is somewhere around $5 million. Some interior photos have been added since we last looked at the listing. Check out what we mean by Ace Ventura no longer seeing red:

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173 Perry Street

173 Perry Street, New York, NY 10014