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Apple Wants Balconies for Grand Central Megastore

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Yesterday's confirmation that Apple is planning a store in that most treasured of New York landmarks, Grand Central Terminal, left many asking the same question: How? Team Jobs wants to plant its biggest store yet in Grand Central, but with the transportation hub's retail carved up into tiny spaces, and preservationists lurking around every corner, it's not clear where the latest Genius Bar would go.

Today the Post drops the first clue: Word is that Métrazur, Charlie Palmer's restaurant on the east balcony facing the main concourse, will fall to Apple's sword. And Apple also has its eye on the vacant northeast balcony next to Michael Jordan's Steakhouse. Construction is expected to begin in May, so the full iPlan should be revealed by the time you can get an AT&T iPhone to connect a call to a friend to discuss these exciting details.
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