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Anyone Looking For a Four Story Penthouse?

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The Kleier girls of Selling New York fame just put this four story penthouse with roof deck (which they're listing as the fifth story) in the Park South Lofts at 45 East 30th Street on the market and it's looking a little...officey. Likely due to the building being converted from commercial use back in 2005. The listing photos aren't particularly flattering, but if someone really likes the space and has a decent design sense they could really fix this place up. It's on the 16th-19th floors of the building and the 20th "floor" is a huge sundeck. All this for the price of $6,750,000 and the hefty monthly payments of about $12,000. Do you think someone's gonna drop that cash for this place? It's not the hottest neighborhood and the listing isn't doing it many favors (there's a pool in the floorplan but no photo of it and they left out the 16th floor altogether on the floorplan) but it's a pretty massive living space. Right price for the right buyer?

· Listing:45 East 30th Street PHB [Gumley Haft Kleier]