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Starchitecture Art in Chelsea; Politicians Target Brooklyn Tower

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CHELSEA?See the piece of artwork to the right? Please do click on it to blow it up in size. It's entitled Starchitects, and it's a ballpoint-on-paper work from Brooklyn artist Butt Johnson (short for Buttington?). This piece is currently on display at Chelsea's CRG Gallery, and we're no art critics, but we think there may be a Tower of Babel thing going on. Our pal Butt tells us only three ballpoint pens were hurt in the making of this madness. Needs more undulation. [CRG Gallery]

FORT GREENE/DOBRO?The Dermot Company's 44-story rental building at 29 Flatbush Avenue is finally happening, but not everyone is pleased with the plan. A group of local politicians, including Councilwoman Tish James and the dwarfed-by-Obamas Lincoln Restler, has fired off a letter to the developer requesting more affordable housing, community facility space and hirings from the neighborhood. The 327-unit building is slated to have 65 "affordable" units. [CurbedWire Inbox]

29 Flatbush Avenue

29 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY