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MePa Apartment Doubles as House of Mirrors

Here's a listing that really didn't do itself any favors with the photos. It's a 900 sq/ft apartment in the Gansevoort at 321 West 13th Street, which is right on the border of the Meatpacking District and the West Village. Granted, we assume it's easier to film an adult video than it is to take listing photos when three out of four walls are mirrored, but at least get that guy standing around out of the shot. It's listed at $1,390,000 which would mean a big profit for the seller who bought it for $275,000 back in 2000. It's going to take someone with a strong stomach and a lot of vision to see potential in this unit, but an inevitable pricechop could make that a lot easier. After all, who wouldn't want to be neighbors with Voldemort aka Ralph Fiennes.

· Listing: 321 West 13th Street #1C