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Combined Aesthetics With a Shared View

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Vivian Berger and Michael Finkelstein met pretty late in life, but as they started to date it seemed like they would end up spending the rest of their lives together. One problem though. Vivian loves the Upper West Side and Michael was really attached to his Dean & Deluca access from his apartment on the Upper East Side. For a while the compromise was to spend the weekends at her place and summers at his home on Cape Cod. After seeking more stability, they decided to get a place together at the Ariel East at Broadway and 100th Street. They purchased the entire 29th floor for $3.3 million and are underway on a $250,000 renovation.

They both are compromising with the style, but they each have studies where their own aesthetic can have reign over the room. The look of the two? "In his, the décor includes a bronze statue of an unidentified Roman and a moody 17th-century oil. In hers, abstract chickens scamper across the upholstery of an armchair, and colorful wooden roosters from New Mexico perch on the windowsill, kept company by a family of frog sculptures." At the end of the day, having floor to ceiling windows on an entire floor is a look that's really hard to mess up.

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