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A Vigil for 35 Cooper Square; (Some) DOB Permits Can Be Scanned

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EAST VILLAGE?For anyone who's passing through (or over) Cooper Square right now and wondering about the folks with candles, what's happening until 6:30 is a candlelight vigil for 35 Cooper Square. The recently-sold building appeared headed for the wrecking ball, but a DOB stop-work order has put hope back into preservationists' hearts. [CurbedWire Inbox]

NYC?Speaking of the Department of Buildings, DOB Commissioner Robert LiMandri and Mayor Bloomberg announced a new toy today: Quick Response, or QR, codes. All construction permits will get QR codes that can be scanned via smartphone, a kind of barcode that will allow passersby to check out the DOB documentation for any project. The mayor's already tested the tech on a Broad Street construction site, but it will take until 2013 for all permits to get codes. []

35 Cooper Square

35 Cooper Square, New York, NY