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In 20 Years, the East River Waterfront Might Have Zero Energy

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Most discussion so far of the city's plan for 2030 has leaned toward the fanciful, with, for example, a set of big-name architects' visions for the city two decades hence. Turns out the reality leans toward the fanciful, too! One aspect of the plan is the construction of the city's first carbon neutral building on the East River at 23rd Street, and now DNAinfo has the first renderings we've seen of it. Solar 2, the 8,000-square-foot building, will have a hydroponic greenhouse, cafe, and solar-powered offices?at least in theory. But it will cost $12.5 million to construct, and so far Solar One, the non-profit behind the project, only has $6.5 million. Hey, as Red Hook has taught us, life's tough with zero energy.
While we wait for the money to come in, the view of Solar 2 from the East River:

· New York's First Carbon Neutral Building to Rise on East River [DNAinfo]