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Madison Square Park Building Going Condo, and We Can Watch

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The Madison Square Park area didn't exactly acquit itself well during the condo boom?we're looking at you, One Madison Park, and you, Clock Tower?but apparently that's not going to stop the nabe from getting another building full of luxury condos. Real Estate Weekly reports that a developer has paid $13.5 million for the old Plumbers Local 1 building at 21 East 26th Street. The plan: turn the building (right), which was originally asking $18 million, into a luxury condo that Mad Park News guesses could sell for around $1,400 or $1,500 per square foot. Not only that, but the still-anonymous buyer wants to do it all on TV: the conversion will be shown on the upcoming NYC spinoff of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing. Guess One Mad Park did leave some craziness for the rest of the 'hood!
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?Building photo via PropertyShark.