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Behind the Curves of Frank Gehry's 76-Story Tower

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Inside a 36th-floor one-bedroom model unit.
Inside a 36th-floor one-bedroom model unit.

[Photos by Will Femia]

We've heard the critical raves (and rants), and we've shared some "prospective renter" feedback. So now it's time for the report from our own walk through New York by Gehry, the 76-story steel sensation that has the fun distinction of being the tallest residential building in the Western hemisphere. How tall? 870 feet, full of 903 apartments in 200 layouts, a whopping 18 of which are now set up as model units. We checked out a representative three of them, all seen in the gallery above. (The amenities spaces, coming later this spring/summer, can be viewed online only for now.) Rent reminder: studios start at $2,630, one-bedrooms at $3,580, and two-bedrooms at $5,945, all with the first month's free. And DNAinfo drops the news that all of the units will be rent-stabilized for 20 years.
We're not sure if the pleasant citrus-y smell in the first unit we entered was Frank's idea, but there are a few definite Gehry touches to be found in the interior design. We've already mentioned the sculpted door handles, for when you're just too far from a window to get a dose of those 8 Spruce curves. The kitchen cabinetry is made from Gehry favorite Douglas fir, in a color not dissimilar to that of the building's orange brick base. Overall, the interiors were a little less wacky than we were expecting from the facade. Of the units we scoped out, the ninth-floor studio had the best close-up view of the building's exterior and into other units. Hey, with 76 stories to choose from, the lower floors have to offer some incentive, right?
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New York By Gehry

8 Spruce Street, New York, NY 10038 Visit Website

8 Spruce Street

8 Spruce Street, New York, NY 10038