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Harlem Brownstone's Backside Gets a Modern Makeover

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The brownstone at 549 West 149th Street is best known as the neighbor of number 547, which required a preservationist fight to keep the wrecking ball away last fall. Now 549 West 149th has caught Harlem Bespoke's attention for another reason: the slight makeover to its rear facade, shown above. With the shell of 547 standing rather sadly next door, Harlem Bespoke notes, "No. 549...shows that modern sometimes works with the classic. If it is more cost effective, than maybe this is the way to go for restoring the shell next door." Let's just give everyone a few minutes to get used to the new look first.
We don't see a photo of the pre-renovation rear facade, but based on this 2005 photo of the front, we can guess what it looked like:

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