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How to Save Brooklyn Bridge Park From More Condos

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One Brooklyn Bridge Park was the opening piece in the long-term plan to fund the upkeep of Brooklyn Bridge Park with luxury condos. But opponents have been trying to put the brakes on the rest of the proposed condo construction for months now, eventually leading to the formation of a Committee on Alternatives to Housing to consider, obvi, other options for the park. A report released yesterday says that there are, indeed, alternatives to housing that could raise as much as $7 million a year for park maintenance. But none of them are exactly blockbuster inspirations.
The most viable ideas, the Daily News and Brooklyn Paper report, are: the creation of a Park Improvement District that would tax area residents and business owners; parking fees; new concessions for the park; the construction of office buildings instead of condos; and fees for the use of the park's recreation facilities. Of course, neighbors are no more excited about a Park Improvement District tax than they were about new condos, and all of these new funding sources combined might still raise as little as $2.5 million/year. And hey, notice anything missing from the ideas list? The report doesn't consider the possible revenues from the sale and rezoning of the Jehovah's Witness buildings touted as possible park saviors.
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Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6

Pier 6, Brooklyn, NY 11201