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Hotel Americano Puts on Its Chain Mail Over the High Line

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The Hotel Americano, 56 rooms of cozy cross-cultural hospitality from Mexico's Grupo Habita rising near the High Line, is finally getting dressed in metal mesh. Yards of chain mail are being draped over nine stories of sturdy steel armature, all designed by starchitect Enrique Norten and his team at TEN Arquitectos. Sean Ludwick of Black House Development, the crew who brought us green grass and glass at Norten's 580 Carroll Street in Brooklyn, invited us in for a sneak peek. From atop the roof deck, miles of Manhattan stretch out to the north, and there's a great bird's eye view down towards Section 2 of the High Line, where wildflowers will begin to bloom before long.
To the east the Empire State Building stands tall over midtown. Looking west there's a vista of the Hudson River, Jersey and open sky beyond. A second deck, up some steps leading to the hotel's sunny south side, sports a pool tiled in white. When the Hotel Americano opens this spring, just about the same time the High Line doubles in size, this secluded aerie will be the perfect spot to spy on another treat, the highly anticipated Viewing Spur, nestled on the elevated rails overlooking West 26th Street. Given the way things are now coming together in West Chelsea, the Americano posse couldn't have timed it better.
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