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Carmelo Anthony Hunting for a $30K/Month Downtown Rental

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LeBron James' potential signing with the Knicks drove the city's real estate industry to extreme lengths last summer, but it looks like Carmelo Anthony's actual move to New York won't inspire the same level of, er, enthusiasm. Why not? Because the new Knick is just looking for a rental, the Post reports. So far, he's checked out Soho Mews and 158 Mercer Street, with a budget of about $30,000/month. Any other downtown suggestions that fit the price range?
Speaking of high-end rentals, the Post also reveals that Princess Khaliya Aga Khan has picked up a 2BR, 2.5BA rental with private sundeck at Richard Meier's 165 Charles Street. The unit's going for $19,500/month, and word is Ashley Olsen and Jim Carrey are among others who walked through it before the princess signed the lease.
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158 Mercer Street

158 Mercer Street, New York, NY 10012