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$500,000 Per Person UES Secondhand Smoke Suit Resolved

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For anyone who's been holding their breath so as not to inhale the fumes awaiting the result of the secondhand smoke lawsuit at 501 East 79th Street, relief is at hand. The Post reports that a resolution has been reached in the case, in which third-floor residents Russell and Amanda Poses filed a lawsuit against neighbor Harry Lysons, accusing him of using cigar smoke to try to evict their family. The Poses wanted $500,000 in damages per family member, which...isn't quite what they settled for. Lysons agreed that he would pay $2,000 to the Poses each time he smokes a cigar at home, plus a potential $1,500 late fee. It's too bad the building isn't a rental. Otherwise, the Poses could have just skipped the legal fees and used the fumes as a route to free rent.
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