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Million Dollar Listing Spoiler Alert; More 2010 Stats

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BPC?Friday is generally Selling New York day around here, but a tipster writes in with a spoiler for an episode of the upcoming NYC spinoff of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing. Word is one episode will follow broker Fredrik Eklund through Battery Park City's Visionaire, where a resident will be attempting to move elsewhere within the building. We've heard enough enough spoilers by now to assemble the plotlines of a few episodes, surely? [CurbedWire Inbox]

NYC?NYU's Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy has released its fourth quarter 2010 market report, which has some pretty familiar-sounding stats: "Sales volume dropped by 15 percent between the third and fourth quarters of 2010, and almost 33 percent from the fourth quarter of 2009. Citywide, prices remain almost nine percent below the same quarter in 2009, and 28 percent lower than they were at the peak of the market. And while prices appear to be stabilizing in Manhattan, they continue to decline in the other boroughs, particularly in Queens." The full report is available here [warning: PDF]. [CurbedWire Inbox]