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Jane Street, Chinatown Triangles Getting New Looks

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The triangular plots of land nestled between city streets can sometimes look a little sad, especially as winter drags on. But now the city has plans to spruce up two of them, the Jane Street Triangle, at the intersection of Eighth Avenue and Jane and West 4th streets, and another tricornered public space in Chinatown. The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation has compiled all the deets on the proposed Jane Street redo, which calls for new plantings, trees, a sidewalk extension, and seating?specifically, the 1939 World's Fair Bench. Fancy! It just needs Landmarks Preservation Commission approval first.

DNAinfo brings word of a similar triangle transformation planned for the Chinatown plot bordered by Manhattan Bridge, Canal Street, and Forsyth Street (seen in its present state above). The current "ailing trees" will be replaced with plantings, lighting, tables and chairs, bike racks, and an art installation. Again we say: fancy! The project's in the design phase now, with construction tentatively set to finish up by early 2013.
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