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Griffin Court Celebrates Its Moment in the Spotlight

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Event: 454 West 54th Street's Griffin Court (of fake forest fame) had a walk-on role in last night's episode of Selling New York (much more on that later today), so why not prolong those 15 minutes of fame? Which is exactly what Griffin Court did in its freshly-PriceChopped Penthouse C last night!
In the House: Many, many people. To the point where the party's sole bartender, using the penthouse's kitchen sink as his ice bucket, compared the scene to a nightclub.
Menu: We spotted one bowl of wasabi-infused party mix and an empty pyramid with scattered skewers. To drink: wines, Heineken, and Amstel Light.
Dress Code: After-hours professional relaxed. In other words, lots of suits, designer jeans, and business casual.
Soundtrack: The most recent episode of Selling New York on a loop.
Overheard: "It's not a party until that happens, right?"?one party guest upon helping to clean up the spill of another guest whose wine glass mysteriously crashed to the ground. So we guess this was a party!
Gift Bag Contents: Lots o' Griffin Court goodness, including floorplans, renderings, and listings. Which will give everyone a chance to consider the place in peace and quiet after the bash.
What We Saw: The 1,800-square-foot penthouse model unit, now asking $3.281 million, and a few other model units. Plenty of pics in the gallery above.
The Skinny: The penthouse was full to the brim with party guests, which made the space feel smaller and was probably part of what prompted one party guest to wish the living room wall had been expanded. The dark cabinets made the kitchen seem even tinier than it actually was, and there wasn't much space for a dining area. The pros: sizable courtyard-facing bedrooms and great views.
?Reporting and photos by Maggie Shaw.
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Griffin Court Condominium

800 Tenth Avenue, New York, NY