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Checking in on the Far West Side's New Rental Buildings

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The far West Side and idea of the luxury rental have become less strange bedfellows in recent years, and now that the area's crop of luxury towers has been around for a little while, complete with lobby rock concerts and drug lockboxes (yes, we're lookin' at you, Ohm), we found ourselves wondering just how popular they are. The arrival of an Ohm press release in our inbox inspired us to send an intern hunting. Here now, the freshest of rental intel on three far West Side newbies:

1) Ohm: The building's amenities, and perhaps its resident celebrity athlete, have gotten the building 95 percent leased and 92 percent occupied. There are currently no studios or 3BRs available. But the average rent for an available 1BR is $4,450/month, and for an available 2BR, $6,000/month. Renters get a month or two free depending on the apartment's floor and size.
2) Silver Towers: Last time we checked, Larry Silverstein's glassy duo was 70 percent leased. That number is now up to 95 percent. Rents for studios range from $2,300/month to $4,000; for 1BRs, from $3,000 to $5,000/month; and for 2BRs, $4,300 to $8,500/month. Apartments that have already been lived in come with a month free on a 13-month lease. Never-lived-in apartments, which are on the upper floors, offer 2 months free on a 14-month lease.

3) 455 and 505 West 37th Street: Both of these buildings are just about fully rented and occupied, with one unit available. That means there are no incentives on offer, though rents start at $2,400/month when units are open. Maybe Hudson Yards has arrived.
?Reporting by Maggie Shaw
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