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Listing at the River House Has Us Playing "Would You Rather"

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We're feeling bold in using the name of the building whose name must never be uttered but who can blame us, we just get so excited when we get more peeks into "New York's most prestigious prewar cooperative." Unit 7B just hit the market asking a cool $12,900,000 for the 4 bedroom 5 bathroom unit. The listing photos are classy as is to be expected. All we can do now is play the game of "River House Would You Rather" pitting this unit against the pricechopped Barbara Taylor Bradford apartment. We might be leaning towards 7B in this fight. If you feel the need to opine, let us know in the comments.

· Listing: 435 East 52nd Street Unit 7B [Sotheby's]
· River House Coverage [Curbed]

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