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Upper West Side's The Corner Fully Leased Up

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Is there a price too high for a brand new Upper West Side rental? Yes: $18,501. The Corner, the luxury building that de-Constanza'd the neighborhood through a combination of fancy design and astronomical rents, has now leased all of its apartments for up to $18,500 per month, according to a press release. It took 10 months to find takers for all 196 apartments in the curved glass building that brought Trader Joe's to the UWS, where the smallest studios were going for just under $3,000. Next up for developer Gotham Organization: A four-tower complex between West 44th & 45th Streets and Tenth & Eleventh Avenues, slated for 2013 completion. Details are still hush-hush, meaning no mentions of lobby decompression bridges or rooftop misting walls just yet.
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