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Inside Downtown Brooklyn's Accidental Residential Boom

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In 2004, a rezoning of Downtown Brooklyn opened the door to a burst of residential development in the neighborhood. Seven years seems to be some kind of milestone, because following a Times analysis of the area last month, today Crain's files its version of the "DoBro: how did that happen?" piece. The answer: it was a total accident. What was supposed to be the city's third-largest business district is now home to 23 new residential buildings containing 4,300+ apartments, with another 1,000 on the way.

Of course, that means a proportional amount of backlash. When the Times checked in, residents' wish lists included things like an Apple Store, grocery stores, and furniture stores. City Council member Letitia James argues the neighborhood's needs are more basic: schools and affordable housing. Er, would a hotel work?
Brownstoner reports that, at long last, things are getting moving over at 237 Duffield Street, a long-planned 23-story hotel. Not that construction has actually started?the developers are still just thinking about starting?but architect Karl Fischer has vanished from the project, to be replaced by Urban Tectonics. An Urban rep tells 'Stoner the design will be similar to Fischer's, which looked like this. A fit for the new DoBro?

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