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Russian Billionaire's Model Wife Buys Central Park Penthouse

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If you thought that mysterious, filthy-rich Russian oligarchs only have eyes for the Plaza Hotel when it comes to New York City vacation homes, you thought wrong. Sometimes they're willing to look as far as one block away! In a sale that was recorded last Friday (though PropertyShark shows the deed transferred hands back in December), a duplex penthouse at 110 Central Park South was bought by Aleksandra Melnichenko, a Serbian former model who is married to Russian tycoon Andrey Melnichenko. The 2,800sqft penthouse in the luxury condop, with two bedrooms, three bathrooms and an impressive 850sqft terrace, was listed for $14.95 million last May, and sold for $12.2 million. If this was a cash deal, hopefully the seller took a shower after rolling in that big pile of money, because Andrey Melnichenko has a dirty past.

The very private Melnichenko, as the always reliable Wikipedia will tell you, made much of his fortune through fertilizer, though he also dabbles in banking and steel. His wealth took some hits during the global economic crisis, but he's bounced back enough to commission a $300 million yacht designed by Philippe Starck that is apparently the envy of the monocle-wearing world. Melnichenko turns 39 next week, so maybe this is his birthday gift from the ol' ball and chain, and if so, surprise! The seller, masked behind an LLC, purchased the penthouse for $9,094,830 in 2006. Take a look at the place in the gallery above (described in the brokerbabble as being "completed in the finest of understated taste"), and here's the floorplan:

· 112 Central Park S #PH2 [PropertyShark]
· 110 Central Park South #PH2829 [StreetEasy]