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Trump Soho Takes a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

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The group of Trump Soho buyers trying to get out of their contracts achieved a victory when they got the building to offer them discounts and then refunds. Perhaps they've done a public service for Trump Soho buyers of the future as well, because the building?where 45 of 391 units have closed?has just put a bunch of units back on the market with fresh PriceChops, Crain's reports. The average choppage is 21 percent off, which is actually less of a discount than the unhappy buyers got. And some of the cuts are smaller still. For example, these days, a 422-square-foot studio will set a buyer back $1.023 million, about 12 percent below its previous price. Maybe it does pay to buy when pricing's at its peak?
For those who would rather have their Trump Soho units while they're still piping hot, there are still the penthouses, which are hitting the market for the first time. And the prices show it: the most expensive is asking $8,741,250, or $3,750/square foot. Above, some images from the newly unveiled penthouse listings. Better make those 120 days count!
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Trump Soho

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