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Tom Brady Finally Unloading Time Warner Center Condo

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Back in September 2006, NFL star Tom Brady spent $14 million on a 3BR condo in the Time Warner Center. It didn't take long for him to decide he didn't feel like hanging onto it, and he relisted it in February 2007. It's been for sale ever since?while also being rented to a family for $50,000/month?but the market is about to lose one of its old standbys. Brady has finally, the Journal reports, found a buyer. We couldn't dig up a listing, but we did find the floorplan, above. Maybe Gisele should handle the couple's real estate investments from now on.
Speaking of units in contract at the Time Warner Center, a tipster tells us that #66E, a 2BR, 2.5BA, sold on Friday for its full ask of $6.5 million, all cash. It last traded hands in 2004 for $2,372,397, so not a bad deal.

Here's the floorplan on that one:

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