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Opposing Player Wants to be Carmelo Anthony's Real Estate Broker

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Now that both teams are loaded with superstars there's talk of a renewed Knicks-Heat rivalry, but the days of overheated tempers and bench-clearing brawls are a thing of the past. That was made abundantly clear during last night's dramatic Knicks win in Miami, when NBA writer Brian Windhorst tweeted that the Heat's Zydrunas Ilgauskas pitched his Novogratz-designed Soho townhouse to new Knick Carmelo Anthony during the game. Well, it was halftime, but we're guessing Pat Riley won't be pleased either way. No word on Melo's response to Big Z's full court press, but he's currently shacking up in a $12,500-a-night Trump Soho suite not far from the Thompson Street townhouse.
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