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Buyer Remorse Hits Jean Nouvel's 100 Eleventh Avenue

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Buyer Barbara Dente purchased this 1BR, 1.5BA pad on the 16th floor of Jean Nouvel's 100 Eleventh Avenue less than a year ago for $2,018,250. Last week, she put #16B back on the market with a relatively modest increase to $2,695,000. It would be a fast turnaround for an ordinary building, but for the finest French starchitecture has to offer?quelle horreur! We might have guessed the lobby rocks threw things out of balance, but it turns out the boulders are just three of many horreurs plaguing the building's buyers.

The Real Deal's Candace Taylor files a rather epic analysis in this month's issue of the magazine on the epidemic of buyer's remorse now sweeping through the Vision Machine. Buyers claim they've ended up with shoddy construction, lobby leaks, curtain wall problems, and cracking concrete due to cost-cutting. Nouvel's on their side. And while Nouvel takes his complaints to the papers, the buyers have been bringing theirs to court. More than half of the initial round of buyers attempted to back out of their contracts.

Even some of the buyers who went ahead with their closings are displeased. One of the leaders of the current charge is number one Nouvel fan Todd Eberle, who was last seen worrying over the rust on one of the building's steel beams. Other current resident issues: detached ceiling panels held in place with tape, badly poured concrete, and marks on the floors from walls that were moved. So, uh, anyone planning to check out #16B?
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