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Williamsburg Sensation Mason Fisk Gets a Sibling

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Remember Mason Fisk? It was the condo-converted Williamsburg warehouse that sold out in a flash despite the real estate market being at its worst. Hoping to recreate that magic, a developer named Brickworks Development has enlisted Mason Fisk developers/designers the Meshberg Group to create a new 8-unit building at 174 Jackson Street on the other side of the BQE. While it's not quite a Mason Fisk clone?this is new construction, after all?it seems like both buildings will share many of the same traits, including reclaimed wood beams in the units. Even the Cortez Groupe, which handled all the branding and marketing for Mason Fisk, has come aboard for this project. It's a Fisk family reunion!

As seen above in slightly outdated shot (there's scaffolding up now), the building is already under construction, and Adam Meshberg tells us the finished product should be ready sometime this summer. The layouts will be 1 and 2 bedrooms, and based on the sketches on the Meshberg Group website, it's looking there will be some serious duplex action. (Also, the Times wasn't lyin' when it said casement windows have become like crack to architects, eh?) Williamsburg's own apts and lofts will be handling the listings when they're released to the market. Will there be a Mason Fisk level of frenzy? If we could predict such things, we'd be psychics, not bloggers. Here's the little house that formerly lived at 174 Jackson. At least the tree survived!

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Mason Fisk

72 Berry Street, Brooklyn, New York

174 Jackson Street

174 Jackson Street, Brooklyn, NY