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UWS Studio Shatters Photos-Per-Square-Foot Record

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This 200-square-foot studio on West 72nd Street has maybe had more photos taken of it than any other 200-square-foot apartment ever, thanks to being the subject of a profile in today's Times. The apartment's occupant, who rents the fourth-floor place for $1,750/month, is an aspiring interior designer whose first attempt at opening her own firm was foiled by the recession. So she decided to practice on her own place, where she used swivel chairs to face the different corners of the apartment, set apart her sleeping area with blown-up photographs, and turned a cheese platter into a tabletop. A lot of work for a studio? Maybe. But easier than other ways of living on West 72nd Street.
· On the Upper West Side, 200 Square Feet and Room to Swivel [NYT]