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Battery Park City's Winter Garden, Embassy Suites Redos Revealed!

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Brookfield Properties has been making the tour of Battery Park City's various boards with ideas for its redesign of the World Financial Center's Winter Garden. On Monday, it was the Battery Park City Authority's turn, and Broadsheet Daily has this fresh rendering, plus some details. The redesign, which is set to start this year, will replace the much-loved staircase with five escalators and add an indoor food market, an outdoor, 700-seat dining area, and retail. Brookfield hopes the stores will bring all the locals to the Winter Garden, but especially given the community uproar over the staircase, it seems more likely the space will appeal mostly to the 45,000 commuters who will travel through it every day. So where will the community go instead?

Locals might turn to the upcoming Conrad Hotel, the Battery Park City Embassy Suites that Goldman Sachs is renovating to reopen by the end of this year. DNAinfo has a few renderings The green roof, above, where the building's chefs will grow herbs and veggies, might not mean much to the neighbors, but the ground-floor restaurants, which will including Blue Smoke, a Danny Meyer spot, Shake Shack, and Harry's Italian Pizza Bar, might be a good place to sit and reminisce about that staircase.
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