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West Chelsea's Hotel Americano Still Getting Dressed

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The newly-christened Hotel Americano, architect Enrique Norten's high-design hotel for Mexico's Grupo Habita in West Chelsea, is showing off more than just a name change. Crews have added a big column of retro-style glass bricks enclosing the exterior elevator that will rise above West 27th Street. This is perhaps a design revision from what was previously planned for the 9-story, 56-room hotel, where early renders seemed to showed an outside lift surrounded by very modern diagonal metal struts and panels of smokey glass. Inside there are some new additions, too, where Grupo Habita is said to be leaning towards '50s Americana and a retro south-of-the-border flair.

Hidden away down in the cellar, where filings at the Department of Buildings show room for 200, the Americano will sport two bars. Mambo, anyone? Outside Norten's meshy metal facade is still very much a work in progress: Up top some chunky metal decking is going in across the facade, all punctuated by circular glass inserts to let the light shine through. These platforms stretch across the metal framework that reaches out from the concrete shell, promising hotel guests a slot of semi-privacy overlooking the upper reaches of the soon-to-open High Line 2.0.

Inside one of the upper rooms, sleek floor lamps in shiny metal can already be seen, lined up and ready to glow. Way up high the rooftop pool is being fitted out with slick details by the crew at Concrete Works East, whose blog shows some samples of "unique deep acid washed pool coping with integral lettering." Hotel Americano has been tagged as a new one to watch in 2011 and, although rates haven't been set yet, "the company said it expects doubles to start around $325." Come spring, when things are up and running, the conga line at the Hotel Americano will really kick in.
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