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Gramercy 19 Keeps Giving New Meaning to 'Block Beautiful'

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We've already compared the rendering to the reality of 148 East 19th Street's tumorish Gramercy 19. But it's never a bad time to check in, and the above photos come from a tipster, who writes, "The scaffolding has finally come down on the tumor building at 19th/3rd in Gramercy - and they have painted the fire escapes! Now the building is an even blander combination of mauve and taupe or some other lovely color combination." Not a rave, but maybe not a universal concern, either?all but one of the available listings appears to be in contract.
Our tipster continues, "They obviously have to do some work on the ground floor (I hope!)." So do we, tipster. So do we:

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Gramercy 19

148 East 19th Street, New York, NY