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New Developments Getting Ready for a Spring Awakening

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All relevant groundhogs predicted an early spring this year, and despite more snow in the forecast, developers seem pretty ready to embrace the whole thaw idea. The Post has a roundup of new developments set to open soon, including a few projects we'd given up hope of ever hearing from again. The highlights:

1) 305 West 16th Street: Known to its fans and foes alike as Dark Lord Chelsea (right), rumor had it that this might have become a ghost building. But no! The 35-unit project will open in the next few weeks, with prices around $1,200/square foot.

2) 471 Washington Street: This once-stalled site has thoroughly unfrozen by now. The 12 units will hit the market next week at $1.7 million to $15 million.
3) 949 Park Avenue: The glassy sliver building has actually been on the market for a little while already, but it hasn't seen much action with its $2,400/square foot asking prices. It'll be spicing things up with an official unveiling for brokers next week.

4) 77 Reade: This Tribeca site had some catching up to do after a building collapse nearby in 2009, but lately the project has been looking close to ready. Move-ins should start this summer, with prices beginning at around an even $1 million.

There's so much new development activity, in fact, that real estate big guns like Gumley Haft Kleier are thinking about starting new development divisions. This is all starting to sound familiar. Are we having a 2006 flashback?
· Roll with the new [NYP]

77 Reade Street

77 Reade Street, New York, NY 10007

305 West 16th Street

305 West 16th Street, New York, NY