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Historic Timber Shed Headed for a Not-So-Watery Grave?

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After a long fight over the future of Admiral's Row?the falling-down collection of officers' homes in the Brooklyn Navy Yard?the National Guard and the city agreed to preserve two buildings. Those were Building B, the site's oldest structure, and the Timber Shed, which preservationists have labeled the last of its kind standing in the country. Promises are one thing, but actual preservation is another, and rumors swirled that the Timber Shed was too rundown to be preserved after all.

Today, a WNYC update reveals that National Guard Bureau engineers think the Timber Shed is too far gone to be repaired?an effort that would cost about $40 million?and should be demolished instead. The fact that the shed has taken a pounding from this winter's weather only shores up their case. For the moment, the building's possible salvation lies in the Section 106 process, the formal preservation agreement that will be created for the Navy Yard according to the National Historic Preservation Act. That agreement, which could require the Timber Shed's restoration, will be discussed again next week. In the meantime, speak up, Timber Shed fans.
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