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Today in San Gennaro: Catchy Acronyms and Compromises

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The supporters of Little Italy's Feast of San Gennaro?currently fighting locals and businesses who want to shrink the long-running festival's area to south of Kenmare Street?already have a Facebook group. What more do they need? Maybe a catchy slogan to signify their oppression! Thankfully, Jeremiah's Vanishing New York has unearthed one (right) from festival supporter Little Carmine Aquilino.

Somebody's probably taking t-shirt orders, but the long-term outlook for San Gennaro is not looking quite so bright. Though Community Board 2 ultimately gave the traditional festival layout its (completely non-binding) conditional approval, the Villager notes that the festival was almost ready to give up the block between Prince and Houston streets for this year's event, taking the 'hood one step closer to a day when there's a smaller San Gennaro.
And that's if people can even find San Gennaro: Crain's reports that tourists are having trouble finding Chinatown and Little Italy. There's now a partnership between the two 'hoods devoted to better signage, maps, and other tourist-luring products. So at this year's San Gennaro, can we get a fried fortune cookie?
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