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Sutton Place Squatters Finally Handing Over Key to Secret Garden

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The quarter-acre lawn atop the FDR between 1 Sutton Place South and the East River has seen far more than a quarter-acre's worth of fighting over the last four years. The lawn was once the exclusive garden partying space of 1 Sutton Place South residents, who paid $1/year to lease the land from the city back in 1939. When the lease expired in 1990, the residents simply pretended nothing had changed. Eventually, the city caught on, making plans to turn the private garden into a public park in 2005. Building residents donned their monocles, pondered a solution, and sent in the lawyers in a bid to keep the space. To no avail: last year, the city and the co-op finally appeared close to an agreement to hand the lawn over to the city. Now they're closer, reports DNAinfo. The City Council has already found $1 million under the couch cushions for the garden-to-park redo, and there's just one unspecified issue that needs to be worked out. The city should get hold of the land "shortly." Let's keep an eye out for PriceChoppage, shall we?
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1 Sutton Place South

1 Sutton Place South, New York, NY