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"House of the Millenium" Returns to Market

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Way back in 2008 we checked out 232 West 15th Street and reveled in all of its medieval pool-iness. Well, it's back on the market and it's asking $10,995,000, just a hair under the previous ask of $11.5M. We're really into the solarium that's straight out of Jumanji, but aren't wholly convinced that this asking price is justified by the flash. Last time around commenters said "$11.5 million!? Does that come with a daily special from the massage parlor next door?!" and "What's the purpose of that pool? It's only 30 ft long, so doing laps really isn't an option. And it's indoors. Who wants to swim in an indoor pool on a hot day? I guess since it's 8' deep you could jump in and tread water. That's exercise. Sort of." Still feel the same way?

· Listing: 232 West 15th Street [CORE]

232 West 15th Street

232 West 15th Street, New York, NY