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Smallest Building in Manhattan Also Has the Most Keys

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Seventh Avenue South's Greenwich Locksmiths occupies a building that, at 125 square feet, is Manhattan's smallest free-standing building with its own lot number. As if that doesn't make it special enough, store owner Phil Mortillaro decorated the facade with 10,000 keys made into patterns, in a process that took two years and finished up in October. The facade gets coverage in both the Daily News and Scouting NY today. Turns out the key art isn't Mortillaro's first stab at making the tiny building stand out. In 1991, he hired an architect to redesign the facade and got unanimous Landmarks Preservation Commission approval for the changes. He opted not to make them, deciding they were too "Disney World." And thus did he earn the hatred of Landmarks-denied developers city-wide.
What Mortillaro considered doing with the Greenwich Locksmiths building at 56th Seventh Avenue South in 1991:

And one more close-up of those keys:

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