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Dora the Explorer Co-Creator Done Exploring UWS's Ariel West

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People have been known to characterize Ariel West, the Upper West Side tower where Elizabeth Hasselbeck dwells, as a building for "down-to-earth (albeit loaded) couple[s] that put family first." And by "family" we also mean cartoon children. Dora the Explorer co-creator Eric Weiner and his wife, playwright Cherie Vogelstein, picked up their 4BR, 3.5BA Ariel West condo for $4,475,208 in 2008. Now they've apparently decided to move on (not an unheard of decision at Ariel West). While they follow Dora to a new home, their 2,881-square-foot pad is on the market for $5.9 million.

UPDATE: Brown Harris Stevens's Lisa Lippman, the property's broker, wants us to know that "only two people have moved out of Ariel West since it opened in 2008.”

· Listing: 245 West 99th Street [BHS]
· Ariel West coverage [Curbed]

245 West 99th Street

245 West 99th Street, New York, NY 10025