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For Its Next Trick, Harlem Building Tries to Sell $5.95M Penthouse

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Harlem's Fifth on the Park made headlines as the site of one of New York's first ILSA buyer backout rulings. So how does that notoriety affect sales prices? Pretty darn well, the people trying to sell the building's penthouse seem to think. That 5BR, 5BA, 5,485-square-foot apartment is now on the market for a mind-boggling $5,950,000. (It was listed for the same price at the end of December, but it's already got a new broker.) That works out to $1,084/square foot, which, according to StreetEasy, makes the apartment's only comparable listing in Central Harlem...itself. The "triplex home with huge private terraces dazzles you as soon as you walk in the front door," claims the brokerbabble. Could be the price, or just the sun glinting off all that unshoveled snow.
· Listing: E 119th Street & E 120th Street [City Connections]
· 1485 Fifth Avenue #PH27C [StreetEasy]
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