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Local Opposition Kills Greenpoint Homeless Shelter Plan

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As soon as housing non-profit HELP USA unveiled its plan for a homeless shelter on McGuinness Boulevard in Greenpoint last August, the local opposition mobilized. Neighbors were worried about degentrification, and the hipster tenants of the warehouse building weren't keen on leaving. Now they won't have to: the Brooklyn Paper reports the homeless shelter plan?which called for a 200-bed men's transitional shelter?is no more. HELP's president, Larry Belinsky, said HELP didn't have the money to go through with the project. But Greenpoint Councilman Steve Levin attributed the project's death to locals and their Kenneth Cole-blaming "Destruction of Greenpoint" flyers. Who says print is dead?
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400 McGuinness Boulevard

400 McGuinness Boulevard, Brooklyn, NY