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Supermodel Miranda Kerr Marks Down Her Flatiron Pod

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On our list of buildings that epitomize the boom, we might give a spot to Jade, the Flatiron condo building named for Jade Jagger and known for the kitchen/bathroom/closet pods in each apartment, even if it has been a bit quieter than other boom blockbusters. One of Jade's early believers was supermodel and Orlando Bloom spouse Miranda Kerr, who picked up her pod (and the rest of the 1BR, 1BA around it) for $1,084,436 in 2007. Since November, Kerr has been seeking a buyer, and she's just resorted to a PriceChop. The apartment, originally listed for $1.395 million, is now 16 percent cheaper at $1.175 million. Any takers?

· Listing: 16 West 19th Street [Conquest Advisors]
· Supermodel Miranda Kerr Wants to Sell Her Flatiron Pod [Curbed]


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