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Dubbel-Dam! Tribeca's V33 Finally Shows Its Face

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[Photos by Will Femia.]

The call came at 10:15 this morning: "33 Vestry, off of Hudson, just removed the scaffolding that's been covering the building for 2 years. Very interesting." Yes, that 33 Vestry, aka V33. Architect: Winka Dubbeldam. Facade: "A rare translucent stone surface backed by translucent glass." Development Du Jour: Back in 2007. We immediately dispatched our photographer to the scene because this, friends, is a day Tribeca shall never forget. After all these years, StreetEasy shows two of the seven extra-large units in contract. Now that there's something to see, maybe Gaga will come back for more?

Some panels are still missing, but it beats staring at scaffolding right? Below are front and rear renderings from back when we were all much younger, skinnier and better looking. Thoughts on the nearly finished product?

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33 Vestry Street

33 Vestry Street, New York, NY 10013