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15 Central Park West's Ugliest Apartment Back With a New Look!

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15 Central Park West may be New York's most successful condo building of all time?even the maid's room can fetch $2.6 million?but one apartment in the Limestone Jesus is not keeping up with the Zeckendorfs. We're talking about #2D, a 2,179-square-foot 2BR/2.5BA apartment that overlooks the building's (rather lovely!) interior courtyard instead of Central Park. That's probably not what's holding this apartment back, however. Last May the condo, which sold for $4.327 million, hit the market for $8.5 million sporting a look that led us to call it 15 Central Park West's ugliest apartment. Harsh? Well, in June a new listing surfaced with slick professional photos that made the place slightly more appealing. It didn't work. Now, another twist in this saga.

In the months since #2D first came into our lives, the asking price fell all the way down to $6.8 million. In January the Elliman listing was yanked off the market, and hope of a sale flooded Curbed HQ. But alas, it's back, with NYC Value Realty?for $7,380,000. That's right, this has gone from PriceChopper to PriceUpper! And that's not the only change. There is now a third set of photos, which show that the apartment has been emptied out (the seller also owns a place in the Time Warner Center). We've done before-and-after looks at listings that have refreshed their photos, but now it's time for our first before-before-after!


Before #1: Gaudy furniture; proof that the place is haunted by a ghost child.
Before #2: Furniture more flatteringly photographed; better light; exorcism successful.
After: Spirit has returned to drag all possessions to the netherworld.


Before #1: Good God.
Before #2: At least there are French doors leading to a terrace!
After: So is the Phantom going to drop out of that thing, or what?


Before #1: Signs that someone really loves a good bath, or the threat of electrocution.
Before #2: Mmm...marble.
After: Finally, we know what 15 CPW's bathrooms doors look like.


Before #1: Breakfast bordello chic?
Before #2: So that's what a wide-angle lens is for!
After: So that's what a wide-angle lens is for!

Now that 2D's been cleared of some clutter, is it worth $3,386/foot?
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