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Stuy Town Security Guards Want to Ticket Misbehaving Dogs

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It's been 100 days since Rose Associates took over leasing and management of the unwieldy Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village from foreclosed owner Tishman Speyer, and yesterday the company issued a memo to all residents in the sprawling rental complex. This three-page State of the Stuy update addresses several issues of utmost importance to residents, including noise complaints and the scourge of brown water. To stem the latter, Rose wants to "facilitate the flushout of the pipes." Yum!

And then there's the matter of dog poop. Pets only became allowed in ST/PCV (out in the open, anyway) in 2008, and now that more four-legged friends are roaming the property, complaints about their behavior are on the rise. To combat the problem of dogs doing their business on the complex's lush lawns, Rose is seeking the authority for Stuy Town security guards to have ticket-writing privileges for leash law violations. At least then they'll be armed with something other than flashlights: pens! Read the full memo below.

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