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200 Eleventh Avenue's Celeb-Heavy Sky Garage Shows Itself

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We've taken a few looks at the interior of Annabelle Selldorf's gleaming tower of stainless steel deliciousness at 200 Eleventh Avenue. But hey, the exterior's not bad either! The view-impeding construction netting and scaffolding has been slow to come off, but at long last, the building has dropped its sidewalk shed. The residents will be sharing the much-touted En Suite Sky Garage, an ultra-luxe amenity that allows tenants to lift their cars up high and park just feet from their front doors. The garage and driveway, tiled in white, are nearly ready to go, with the big entry fronting on Eleventh and the more clandestine exit tucked away around the corner on West 24th.
And happily, the timing's good for the latest round of boldface names planning to move their boxes into the building. Robert J. Hurst, once chief at Goldman Sachs and now head of Crestview Partners, recently plopped down 14,000,000 smackers for the spacious Penthouse 2. That terraced duplex was rumored to be the future home of mega-couple Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. But they've actually gone with a unit closer to earth, hovering over the tree tops down on the fourth and fifth floors. Nearby will soon be Swedish celebribroker Fredrik Eklund, former film star and recent buyer of the 2,364-square-foot terrace-free fifth- and sixth-floor duplex that bumps up against the entertaining couple's master bedroom. In the gallery above, a closer look at what all these folks are calling home.
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200 11th Avenue

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