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Blue's Clues Bachelor Adds Igloo to Williamsburg House

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New York magazine's Fall 2010 Home Design issue featured the Williamsburg garage that former Blue's Clues star Steve Burns (he was the human) converted into a pretty spectacular house, complete with a sodded interior courtyard. Well, you might have noticed that there's been a bit of snow this winter, and New York's Wendy Goodman has a Burns followup: Dude built an igloo in his courtyard. Here's how he'd list it: “Charming alcove studio, steps from L train. Cutting-edge green construction, locally sourced material, a MUST SEE! $1,100/month." Check out the cozy interior. There's wi-fi!

Click through for the full slideshow, which also shows how the igloo can be used as a handy beer fridge during the Super Bowl
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