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Famed Architect Runs Into Trouble at Tribeca Home/Office

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Yesterday saw the reveal at long last of Tribeca's V33, the Winka Dubbeldam-designed building that's been hiding behind its scaffolding for the past two years. Turns out it's a newsy week for Winka Dubbeldam, because another long-in-progress project of hers, the renovation of her office building/residence at 11 Hubert Street, has come under some DOB fire. Dubbeldam! A tipster points us to the slate of DOB violations for the building, including five open violations and a January 31st stop-work order. So what's going on?
Step into our time machine and journey back to July 2008, when Dubbeldam got Landmarks approval for work on the 11 Hubert building that houses her firm, Archi-tectonics. According to the permit issued then, Dubbeldam planned "the installation of storefront infill, the extension of an existing bulkhead, and the construction of a new bulkhead." The Landmarks Preservation Commission gave the work the thumbs-up after determining it wouldn't impede the preservation of Collister or Hubert streets.

But according to the recent violations, the work being done hasn't exactly conformed to what was on those permits. The DOB violations mention that the transformation of the first-floor space into offices and the second- and third-floors into residential space was done without a permit altogether. Another violation says the building has been occupied without a valid Certificate of Occupancy. Ruh-roh! Is Winka catching some illicit winks? The folks at the Archi-tectonics office declined to comment, and we haven't yet gotten any further details from the DOB. While we wait, a close-up on those violations:

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